For August 2019, Lumen Studios invite applications for the Lumen Artist in Residence programme, hosted within Lumen gallery space in the crypt of St John on Bethnal Green. This residency programme follows a successful series of fortnight residencies from artists Julie Hill, Zanny Mellor, Jessi Rayner, Nick Scammell and Simon Head.

Images: Mirror Darkness by Julie Hill, The Shape of Light by Zanny Mellor and Jessi Rayner. 

Two weeks, between 01 August - 26 August 2019.

An additional £100 refundable deposit is required to confirm an offer of a residency in our programme

Minimum/Maximum Size Artist Group
Minimum: 1 / Maximum: 5

22 July 2019

Lumen Studios welcome proposals broadly relating to astronomy, light, physics and broader aspects of science and ecology. Artists may wish to respond to the unique venue of the crypt itself. That said, we are open to a range of proposals.

About The Space
St John on Bethnal Green is a grade 1 Listed Building designed by Sir John Soane, and was built between 1826 and 1828. The church is an established arts venue, regularly hosting exhibitions, music events and theatre productions. The Lumen Crypt Gallery reflects Sir John Soane's attention to detail, boasting unique curved walls and egg shaped pods. The space is especially effective for dark-space installations and projections, but also supports 2-Dimensional works. The Crypt is still the final resting place of 2 people, and we wish to respect their presence in the space. 

Please see the Lumen Crypt Gallery page for information about installations within the crypt. Lumen Studios Crypt Gallery is a second grade listed building, so artists must use existing holes and/or temporary hanging devices. Duct tape, velcro, double sided tape, screws and nails are not allowed, as they all leave permanent marks / rip off paint, For 2 dimensional works, we suggest purchasing command strips as they leave a minimal trace on the walls and floor. The £100 refundable deposit will be provided on the premise that walls, floors and ceiling are returned to their original condition.

Artists may wish to create an event/workshop to show works produced on the residency, or as part of participatory practice within the residency itself. If you would like to create an event, please indicate what you would like to do. 

Can I charge for my event?
Yes, but this must be handled within your own Eventbrite/Biletto page.

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