Images: John Hooper, RCA Merz Barn Residency Exhibition , Installations by Rebecca Huxley, David Marron exhibition.

Lumen Studios welcome exhibition proposals from individual artists, groups of artists and curators. We are looking to programme a year of exhibitions for the period July 2018 - July 2019. As Lumen Studios is a collective focused on astronomy and light, we would like to see exhibition proposals relating to astronomy, physics, broader aspects of science and ecology. However, we are open to a range of proposals.

We host a number of events and exhibitions, which can be seen our future events and past events pages. St John on Bethnal Green is a grade 1 Listed Building designed by Sir John Soane, and was built between 1826 and 1828. The church is an established arts venue, regularly hosting exhibitions, music events and theatre productions.

St John on Bethnal Green is a grade 1 Listed Building designed by Sir John Soane, and was built between 1826 and 1828. The Lumen Crypt Gallery reflects Sir John Soane's attention to detail, boasting unique curved walls and egg shaped pods.  The space is especially effective for dark-space installations and projections, but also supports 2-Dimensional works. The Crypt is still the final resting place of 2 people, and we wish to respect their presence in the space. 

Submissions will be reviewed by the co-directors of Lumen: Louise Beer, Rebecca Huxley and Melanie King.
Our space is also suitable for live music events, filming, photography shoots, pop up shops and catering.

To propose an exhibition or event at Lumen Studios. please read the terms and conditions below, before completing the form.

Name of Artist or Group *
Name of Artist or Group

Terms and Conditions

The fee for a four day exhibition from Thursday to Sunday is £300. 
A £100 refundable deposit is required to confirm an offer of a show in the programme. The second payment is required two weeks before your exhibition is due to start.

Private View
This usually takes place on first Thursday of the exhibition, 6:30pm – 8.30pm unless agreed otherwise. Lumen will provide staff to run the bar if requested and agreed more than one week in advance. The artist/curator is responsible for buying the drinks they would like offered at the private view.

Gallery Opening Hours
Gallery opening times are Thurs – Sunday, 12-6pm, and artists will be responsible for invigilation.

Lumen will promote the exhibition extensively through the Lumen Studios mailing list and social media. Lumen will also advise on posters which can be affixed to the front of the church railings, on Cambridge Heath Road and Roman Road.

Lumen will not take a commission on sales. These sales should be negotiated between artist and buyer directly.

The artist/curator is wholly responsible for insuring the works to be displayed at Lumen Studios and also any equipment they may bring. 

Installation / Equipment
The artist must bring all equipment and tools to install and destall the exhibition. Lumen Studios Crypt Gallery is a second grade listed building, so artists must use existing holes and/or temporary hanging devices. For 2 dimensional works, we suggest purchasing command strips as they leave a minimal trace on the walls. The£100 refundable deposit will be provided on the premise that walls, floors and ceiling are returned to their original condition.

Labelling and signage
The artist will be responsible for all labelling within the gallery and information about the works. Lumen Studios prefer a numbering system, with a hand-out to navigate around the space.